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How often should you clean your chain?

Why do you need to clean your chain?

 Keeping your chain and your drivetrain components clean and sufficiently lubricated is a key piece of maintenance. Skipping this process can cause premature damage to your components and allow them to fail or wear much faster than they should. Lubricating your chain correctly reduces friction and prevents contaminants from wearing away at your components.

How often should you clean your chain?

How often you clean your chain will depend on the type of riding you do. For motorcycles, we understand that cleaning your chain after every ride is not always achievable. We would recommend that you should clean your bike and chain as often as you can but as a minimum, every 750-1000 miles or at least once a month. For Motocross, Enduro, Mountain Bikes etc cleaning your drivetrain after every ride is a sure way to keep your drivetrain in its best possible condition.

How should I clean my chain?

Having a clean chain is essential before you apply any lubricant. Without cleaning your chain and removing any trace of old lube, contaminants, and grease, you will be creating a grinding paste which will wear down your components. The safest and most effective way of cleaning your chain and drivetrain are as follows:

  • Rinse excess dirt from chain and drivetrain
  • Apply Motoverde Drivetrain Cleaner (Leave for 5 minutes), for the most effective clean use a Motoverde Chain Brush and agitate the surface.
  • Rinse the chain and drivetrain.

Drivetrain Cleaner is 100% Salt Free and safe on all parts and surfaces. It is a fast-acting degreaser that will remove all grease, oil, and contaminants from your drivetrain. Leaving the surface clean and ready for lubrication.

How should I lube my chain? 

When researching and developing our PTFE Chain Lube, we tested a lot of different lubes. There’s wet lube, dry lube, thick lube, thin lube, and all sorts of other different marketing ideas to make you buy another lube. Given ever changing weather conditions and terrains you encounter whilst being on your bike, we decided we needed a lube that was extremely durable to last in the toughest conditions. Yet be pliable enough to penetrate deep into the links to ensure thorough coverage, giving you unrivalled performance.

Motoverde Chain Lube is a multi-purpose, penetrating chain lubricant containing PTFE. This product is a thick dewatering, non-toxic lubricant, specially developed for use on chains, gears & bearings. Originally developed for motocross bikes (but can be used on any type of bike) this lube is perfect for those rough tracks. Heavily durable so that nothing will stick, PTFE Chain Lube reduces friction and helps to protect chains and sprockets from accelerated wear and is suitable for lubricating cables and brake pins. Complete with easy to apply twist top PTFE Chain Lube is all you need by working in extreme temperatures ranging from -50C to 180C, simply apply overnight to allow the product to soak into your chain before riding and no top-ups will be needed!

If you’re serious about looking after your drivetrain with the safest and most effective products on the market, then the Bike Drivetrain Bundle is for you.

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