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All About Rust Remover

What is Rust Remover?

We’re sure by now you must have seen one of our fastest growing products since Covid-19? It’s the one that transforms rusty exhaust pipes back to a like new condition before your very eyes!
So, what is it? Rust Remover is a specially chosen blend that has been formulated to remove rust with ease, without causing any damage to your pride and joy.
Rust Remover was designed to remove rust from 2-stroke exhausts pipes and motorcycle header pipes. It also removes any rust from nuts and bolts that need bringing back to life! We feel it is an essential product in your cleaning collection and it’s suitable on all types of metals.

Why does your exhaust rust?

Well, rust is a type of corrosion that is found on metals that contain iron. It is the oxidisation of iron in the presence of air and moisture that turns your exhausts brown. Corrosion is the process by which metals deteriorate as a result of oxidisation from rust. Which is why it is important to maintain your exhaust and keep it rust free.
Whilst many of you may feel that buying a stainless-steel exhaust will prevent rust, unfortunately it doesn’t. Stainless-steel will still rust, it just contains chromium which slows down the rusting process. Mild steel is a common metal used as 2-stroke exhaust pipes; these are susceptible to rusting as they have no preventative properties. Interestingly, aluminium doesn’t corrode unlike other metals even though it is reactive. This is because aluminium is covered by a layer of aluminium oxide already. This layer of aluminium oxide protects it from further corrosion. However, left untreated for long periods of time and you should expect the same result.
Key factors that will speed up your rusting process:
•Exposure to moisture, especially salt water (Increases the rate of corrosion)
•Temperature Increases – Exhaust’s get hot, this accelerates corrosion.
•Presence of impurities like salt (Using cleaning products which contain salts)
•Presence of Acids – Acidic Bike Cleaners (Acids accelerate corrosion)
Although the first two are part and parcel of riding your bike, right? The bottom two are easily prevented by using our Bike Wash or Snow Foam, which is a ph. neutral cleaner that contains 0% corrosive salts.

Why use Rust Remover?

Each product we create has your bike in mind first which is why we do not use harsh acids or bleach in Rust Remover. Using products like bleach or hydrochloric acid to clean your exhaust pipe has detrimental effects and will only encourage further corrosion issues. Not only that but these products are not safe on metals and if spilled can easily damage your machine. Don’t forget bleach is designed to cling to your toilet under water, so what is it doing to the outside surface of your metals once it has eaten through the rust? Keep going!
Rust Remover has been specifically developed to be applied to exhaust pipes and metal items to safely remove rust. The main component we use is a natural inhibitor for metals, so although we do not advise this is the only protection you apply, it will certainly help protect the metal and contribute towards preventing it rusting.
Inevitably, materials used to make exhaust pipes will be affected by rust. It is a naturally occurring process from the elements you ride in. Our advice would be to use our Salt Free Bike Wash or Snow Foam for your cleaning. After Shine to protect from the elements. Then of course, regular use of Rust Remover for a safe and effective way to transform your exhaust back to like new and give you fantastic peace of mind.

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