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    Motoverde Sponsorship

Program Overview

    Our sponsorship program is designed to support riders and athletes at various levels of their career, from entry-level to professional. The program is categorised into four tiers:

    • Professional
    • Elite
    • Athlete
    • Rider Support

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Riders must actively participate in events.
    • Must have a social media presence and follow our brand’s accounts.
    • Must display sportsmanship and align with the brand’s values.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Product-Related Content: Riders are required to post a minimum of two pieces of content per month on their social media platforms featuring our products. This content should be authentic and positively reflect our brand.
    • Brand Representation: Riders must represent our brand professionally in all public appearances and interactions, online and offline.
    • Logo Display: Our logo must be visibly displayed on the rider’s bike and kit during events and in social media posts.
    • Exclusivity: Riders must not endorse or promote competing cleaning or motocross products during the tenure of the sponsorship.
    • Duration of Sponsorship: The sponsorship is valid for one season/year, subject to renewal based on performance and adherence to these terms.
    •  Termination: We reserve the right to terminate the sponsorship if a rider fails to comply with the terms, engages in conduct detrimental to the brand, or fails to meet the expected performance standards.
    • Legal Compliance: Riders must ensure all content complies with legal requirements, including but not limited to, intellectual property rights and advertising standards.

    Application Process

Interested riders can apply via the form on this screen, providing details about their riding career, social media handles, and a brief statement on why they want to be a part of our brand. Without this information your application will be unsuccessful. Applications will be reviewed, and selected riders will be contacted for further steps.

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