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Here at Pro-GreenMX, our journey started as we developed products specifically for motocross bikes, beginning with our salt-free Bike Wash. Over the years we have verged into all the bike markets, from all off-road bikes, to road bikes, road cycles, mountain bikes, quads and speedway/grasstrack bikes as ultimately, a bike is a bike! The dirtier the better and no matter what condition, our Bike Wash was developed to tackle any form of dirt and grime, including containing specific components designed to break down sand and clay stains, the only bike cleaner on the market that contains this!

Over the years after learning your demands and requirements for products that weren’t available on the market, or quite simply, up to the task, our range has expanded massively, something that will only continue in the future! We now have a full range dedicated to cleaning and maintaining your expensive machine and here is some more information on each product that we have developed so far:

Bike Wash

Our Bike Wash contains a specially chosen blend of surfactants designed to rapidly clean every part of your bike safely and with ease. It will remove ingrained dirt, mud, grime and sand and clay stains with minimum effort, leaving a streak-free finish! All you have to do is rinse the excess dirt from your bike, spray our Bike Wash all over and leave it for 15 minutes to do the work for you! It will not harm or attack any sensitive metals, including aluminium, anodised parts, carbon fibre, paints or plastics and you can also use it on your kit, boots and helmets!


Snow Foam

Our biggest release of 2019 has been our Snow Foam product that has gone viral as we learnt it isn’t just for your bike, it can be used to clean your child!

Developed as an alternative to our Bike Wash, depending on your preference of method to clean, our Snow Foam is unlike any other similar product on the market. It provides you with a thick snow foam for a rapid and effective deep clean, whilst remaining safe for your paintwork and parts. Adapted from our original Bike Wash formula, meaning the product contains cleaning power first, before being a specific Snow Foam, it is still completely salt-free, removes sand and clay stains with ease and can still be used on kits, boots and helmets. Better yet, it speeds up the cleaning process, requiring you to cover your bike in snow foam and leave it for just 5 minutes to let it do the work for you!


Drivetrain Cleaner

A specific degreasing product, Drivetrain Cleaner is developed for the tougher conditions, perfect for all heavy forms of dirt and grime, including oil, which means it is perfect for your drivetrain, engine, any heavily soiled areas and even your workshop floor! It is a fast and effective degreaser that takes just 5 minutes to remove grime whilst remaining safe for your chain links, aluminium and painted surfaces. Regular use also prevents the deterioration of the chain and drivetrain system, ensuring higher performance and longer life!


Air Filter Cleaner

A high-performance filter cleaner, our specially developed Air Filter Cleaner is designed to instantly break down filter oil from the moment of contact, whilst it does not attack the foam or glue that holds the filter together, meaning it leaves your Air Filter completely intact and looking like new! This is mainly because it is methanol-free, which also means there is no nasty smell (meaning you won’t get told off for using it in the kitchen)! Did you know that it can be used in both hot and cold water, so it is perfect for trackside!



Our most popular cleaning product, After-Shine does 3 things in 1! It will dry your bike, removing excess water from hard to reach places, whilst providing it with a high-gloss, factory finish like it was straight off the showroom floor and better yet, providing it with a non-sticky, protective layer which replaces the likes of WD40, GT85 etc, to give you a fine micro-film, that makes your next clean easier and quicker, also providing protection from rust and corrosion on all your metal parts! Is it easy to use? All you have to do is spray it all over your bike, leave it for 30 minutes (no buffing, drying, touching) and the results are phenomenal!


Rust Remover

Suffering with rust and corrosion? Our advanced formulation of Rust Remover is specially designed to rapidly remove rust and corrosion, within 15 minutes or less, from all metal items and 2-stroke exhaust pipes. It also contains corrosion inhibitors that provide protection to metals after oxidants have been removed. Smaller items, such as nuts and bolts, can be submerged into a beaker of Rust Remover too!


PTFE Chain Lube

Our PTFE Chain Lube is a multi-purpose, penetrating chain lubricant that has been developed for use on chains, gears and bearings. It is uniquely designed to suit all bike types, whether off-road, road, cycles or mountain bikes, it provides long-lasting protection by leaving a micro-film on the components that helps to repel dirt and water, meaning nothing sticks to it, leaving the back wheel spinning freely, providing zero friction! It also contains anti-wear additives, providing longer life and performance to one of the most important components of your ride.


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