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How to Save Money Cleaning Your Bike

We believe that offering value for money doesn’t just stop at how much you spend on your cleaning products. This blog post will explain all the points of how our Bike Wash offers you outstanding value for money.

The past couple of years has been rather different to what we are all used to. We continue to see the cost-of-living increase and we will all need to be a little more sensible with how we spend our money. But let’s face it, we’re not going to give up riding our bikes, are we?!

Let’s look after what we have…

With the above in mind, we thought it would be the right time to talk about value for money and looking after what we have rather than wasting money on replacing things that shouldn’t need to be replaced. If you follow our brand and our story you will be familiar with our Salt Free message, something we are extremely passionate about. Our message is to educate people on how using aggressive cleaners can affect their bike as well as their pockets. If you are not sure about our Salt Free message, then here’s why you should switch to a salt free cleaner.

Value for Money

When we consider value for money, we look at all the ways in which a product can add value to our customers. Bike Wash being our best-selling product has offered amazing value for money and peace of mind since the beginning.

Firstly, our products have been formulated to not be harsh or aggressive to any surface on your machine. This offers great value for money as why risk using aggressive cleaners that can attack metals, de-grease bearings, dry out rubber seals and even turn plastics brittle? We offer the safest and most effective cleaner on the market to keep your pride and joy looking at its best without you having to spend hundreds if not thousands on parts and accessories. Lowering your parts budget means you have more money to spend on performance parts or that new helmet you’ve had on your Christmas list since February!

Being Salt Free offers you even more value for money when you consider how stressful using aggressive cleaners can be. How can you give your bike a thorough clean when the product you’re using needs to be removed within 2-3 minutes? You can’t! Also, you cannot be distracted, or waylaid and must focus on the job at hand because you know if you don’t it’ll cause damage! Our Bike Wash offers great peace of mind in knowing that the longer the soak time the better the results, with no risk of damage even if you leave it on for hours.

Finally, how much you’re spending on you cleaner is important right? So as manufacturers of our own products, we decided that the best possible value for money was to offer our refills as concentrates, meaning you get twice for your money. A single 1L Ready to Use Bike Wash works out at £8 per litre, very comparative in the market and often cheaper than most other bike specific cleaners. Purchasing a 5L Bike Wash Concentrate Refill works out at just £2.50 per litre as the refill will make 10 x 1L ready to use bottles. Then when purchasing the 25L Bike Wash Concentrate Refill the cost is only £1.80 per litre. A 25L refill will make 50 x 1L ready to use bottles offering outstanding value for money.

We think that value for money shouldn’t just be offered as cheaper costs. We look at every possible avenue to boost added value to our customers. Even down to testing 100’s of triggers yearly to ensure we provide a high foaming trigger that allows you to see where you have sprayed and so you do not waste product by using more than you need to. No other cleaner on the market offers a product as safe and as effective as ours and especially be able to offer it to you from as little as £1.80 per litre.

We offer the safest and most effective cleaner on the market at unrivalled value for money prices, why would you use anything else?

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