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The Motoverde Gift Guide

Finding a gift that is not only thoughtful but useful can be difficult. We thought this year we would give you a hand and put together this Gift Guide, removing the stress of finding the right gift!

We have selected some of our best-selling products below and given you the reason as to why they are the perfect gift this holiday season.

For the Motocross Rider:

Bike Wash + After Shine Bundle: Name a better duo, we’ll wait..Our OG Bike Wash has been keeping riders clean since the beginning in 2012. 100% Salt Free with tremendous cleaning power, this gift can be happily given with full confidence you will not spoil or damage their much-loved machine! Looking for that factory fresh finish? Once the bike has been washed follow with After Shine, we call it “a new bike in a bottle”.

Essential Bike Cleaning Kit: This kit contains everything you need to get your bike clean! Bike Wash, Air Filter Cleaner, Drivetrain Cleaner & After Shine make up this kit that is an essential addition to your garage! Suitable for all types of motocross or off-road bikes, the Essential Bike Cleaning Kit is a great way to get started with our products.

Arm-Pump: If you’re buying for a Motocross Rider this Christmas, we know you will almost definitely hear the term “Arm Pump” used! There is no cure for Arm Pump however, prevention is better than cure, right? Our formula Arm-Pump is used by professional athletes across the globe and is blended using 100% Pure Botanical Essential Oils. Once use of Arm-Pump in a hot winters bath and they will thank you for a lifetime!

For the Motorcycle Rider:

Bike Wash: As mentioned above a Bike without Motoverde is like Christmas without Jesus / Santa Clause. So, for any Motorcycle enthusiast, buying them Bennetts Bike Social recommended “Best Buy” cleaner will place you firmly on the Christmas gift of all time hall of fame.

Bike Wash + Drivetrain Cleaner Bundle: Two of our best products that will emphasise your next clean. Our salt free Bike Wash is accompanied with our Drivetrain Cleaner which is perfect for cleaning your chain and removing grime from engine cases.

Waterless Wash + Wax: Motorcycles are amazing machines, whether they’re used for a purpose or pleasure. In both cases we can almost guarantee that your giftee has said “It’s not dirty enough for a wash” … but it’s still dirty! Our Waterless Wash + Wax has been developed for those light contaminate in-between washes. Once they see how easy it is to keep on top of their machine using this product, you’ll be sure to receive ultimate thanks, oh and did we mention the smell!?

Helmet + Visor Cleaning Kit: Every motorcyclists must have is a helmet + visor set! Our cleaning kit contains Grime Away for cleaning inside and outside of any lenses, helmets or visors. Fog Away is our anti-fog treatment that you won’t want to live without! Rain Away to create a hydrophobic layer to bead water off the surface for clear vision. Our Helmet + Visor Cleaning Kit comes complete with 2 microfibre cloths for application.

For the Mountain Bike Rider:


Bike Wash: We clean more than just bikes with engines. Our Bike Wash is safe on all surfaces, pain finishes and parts which is why it is an amazing product for the cyclist in your life! Whether you know someone who loves hitting the trails or just enjoys cleaning their bike after a weekend ride our Bike Wash is a must have this Christmas.

Drivetrain Clean + Lube Kit: Every mountain bike rider needs a kit that keeps their chain clean. This kit comes complete with our Drivetrain Cleaner, PTFE Chain Lube and a Motoverde Chain Brush which is everything you need to keep your drivetrain areas clean and ready for the next ride!

Kit Fresh: Do you know what gifts are the best at Christmas? The ones that you didn’t realise you needed until someone buys it for you! Kit Fresh has been formulated to remove all bad odours from Helmets, Boots, Gloves, Jackets, and anything else they manage to make smelly!


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