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After our journey of developing products to maintain your pride and joy, we knew that your other (and probably more expensive) pride and joy needed the safest products available, and this led to our Vehicle Products! We wanted to bring out products that would make cleaning your car, van, camper/caravan as quick and easy as your bike (if not even quicker), so we have developed some specifically unique products that makes this happen! Here is some more information on each product within our Vehicle Range so far:

Vehicle Wash

Our Vehicle Wash is a professional product that is gentle on your vehicle and kind to the environment. The advanced formulation provides a powerful, penetrating, super foam action that will remove traffic film, mud, dirt and grime including algae, black rain marks, tree & leaf residue, bird droppings and flies! It is 100% salt-free, with no corrosive components in the product that makes it completely safe to use on all surfaces including paints, carbon fibre and alloy wheels. It also contains UV protection to protect your paint colours from fading in the sunlight!

Accompanied with our unique Mixer Sprayer, it dilutes the product automatically at a rate of 40-1! Cleaning your vehicle with our Mixer Sprayer means it could not be easier – all you do is connect the bottle to your hose and away you go. Simply cover your vehicle, allow a few minutes contact time (agitate with a vehicle brush or wash mitt if required) and wash off!


Snow Foam

Our biggest release of 2019 has been our Snow Foam product that has made cleaning a lot more fun and again, easier!

Developed as an alternative to our Vehicle Wash, depending on your preference of method to clean, our Snow Foam is unlike any other similar product on the market. All other vehicle Snow Foam products are advertised as ‘pre-wash’ products, meaning you have to pre-clean your vehicle before using another product to clean it?! Our Snow Foam is developed with cleaning power first, providing you with a rapid and effective deep clean, whilst remaining safe for your paintwork and parts, alongside providing your vehicle with maximum coverage from our thick snow foam that will cling to the surface and eat away all the dirt and grime.


Wax Rinse

Tired of spending hours waxing? Our Wax Rinse product provides you with an ultimate wax finish in a fraction of the time. Incorporating a specially chosen blend of waxes and film-forming agents that leaves a protective glossy shine to all vehicles which protects your vehicle and makes future cleans quicker!

Accompanied with our unique Mixer Sprayer, once you have washed your vehicle, connect the Mixer Sprayer to your hose and cover your vehicle to leave it with a wax finish within minutes!


Flush & Waste Fluid

For all motorhome lovers, our Flush & Waste Fluid was specially developed to make the worst job more bearable! Incorporating a concentrated blend of detergents, natural micro-organisms & enzymes, our Flush & Waste product quickly liquefies waste and helps to prevent odours. It is fully biodegradable, leaves a fresh pine smell behind and is suitable for all vehicle toilets.
Better yet, this should last you all season!


Vehicle Polish

A high-performance Vehicle Polish that is specially formulated to provide a sleek, smooth, glass-like professional finish that provides a long-lasting shine. Containing a complex blend of waxes and silicones, our deep gloss Vehicle Polish will remove light swirls and is a quick-to-use cream that provides easy application and removal even in direct sunlight! It also provides protection to your paintwork and chrome from corrosion.



Auto-Shine is a specific product that contains a blend of silicone emulsions, waxes and is finished off with a fresh-lemon fragrance that makes tyres, trims and dashboards look like new with a natural-look finish and easy application!


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