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Late 2018 saw the launch of our re-branded look, which was a years’ worth of work focused on transforming the look of our brand! During this time, we made the decision to bring to you a brand-new, Watersports Range! Since 2017 we had been working with several UK based Jet-Ski riders, who would use our MX products to clean their skis, along with our ever-popular Goggle products. This allowed us to learn more about the market and the needs of what products you require to keep your skis and watercrafts looking like new!

Demand kept growing and growing for specific Watersport products, so we decided with our re-brand that we would launch a range solely dedicated to all of you avid Watersport enthusiasts! 2019 has led to us teaming up with the British Jetsport Championship which has allowed us to further improve our range based on feedback from fantastic customers. Here is all the information you need about each Watersport specific product we have available:

Ready-to-Use Aqua Wash

Our ready-to-use Aqua Wash provides a powerful, penetrating action which rapidly cleans every part of your ski or boat, removing algae, grime, water marks, boot marks and all traces of salt-water with minimum effort required, leaving behind a streak-free finish! It can also be used on your wetsuits and helmets! Aqua Wash is fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging and will not cause any harm to lake/sea inhabitants.

How to use it? Simply rinse the ski/boat, spray Aqua Wash all over and leave it to soak for 15 minutes, it is as easy as that! If you do not have access to a water pump at the lake/sea, it can also be used as a Waterless Wash!


Concentrated Aqua Wash

As your skis/boats do not get as dirty as bikes etc, we have developed a much easier way for you to clean your watercraft! Accompanied with our unique Mixer Sprayer, our Concentrated Aqua Wash will dilute at a rate of 40-1, allowing you to cover your ski/boat with ease with the bottle connected to your hose! All you need to do is allow a few minutes contact time, go over it with your sponge whilst waiting and then rinse off. You can also use it to clean your van/caravan/car at the same time!


Snow Foam

Our biggest release of 2019 has been our Snow Foam product that has made cleaning a lot more fun and again, easier!

Developed as an alternative to our Aqua Wash, depending on your preference of method to clean, our Snow Foam is unlike any other cleaning product on the market. It provides you with a thick snow foam for a rapid and effective deep clean, whilst remaining safe for your paintwork and parts. Adapted from our original Aqua Wash formula, meaning the product contains cleaning power first, before being a specific Snow Foam, it is still completely salt-free, fully biodegradable and can still be used on wetsuits and helmets. Better yet, it speeds up the cleaning process, requiring you to cover your watercraft in Snow Foam and leave it for just 5 minutes to let it do the work for you! Again, you can also do your van/caravan/car at the same time!



Cleaning your ski/boat is essential, but protecting it is just as important. Our specially developed Aqua-Shine product provides your watercraft with ultimate shine and protection, whilst remaining fully biodegradable! It is designed specifically for use on plastics, metals, aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium, as well as being matt-finish friendly (dilute product 1/3 Aqua-Shine to 2/3 water). Aqua-Shine will provide you with a micro-film of protection, making your next clean easier and quicker as white spots/water marks will dry to the protective film as oppose to directly onto paintwork!

How does it work? Once clean, apply whilst wet over your ski/boat (avoiding seat, footwells or grips). Simply leave it to air dry for 30 minutes and you are done!


Engine Flush

Our most specific Watersport product is our specialised Engine Flush. Specifically developed for flushing inboard and outboard engines, Engine Flush contains a water-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous and fully biodegradable solution that contains properties to dissolve, release and remove salt crystals from any surface. It also contains a built-in inhibitor that will leave behind a microfilm of protection inside the engine, preventing salt-water corrosion to internal parts, with regular use preventing salt build-up in the cooling system and other areas!

How to use it? We have designed a specific Engine Flush Mixing Unit available to make using this product so easy!


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