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What a MotoverDAY!

We did it again!

MotoverDAY 2022’ was EPIC! Once again, the thrills of the event have left us on an almighty high. We couldn’t be any prouder as a brand to have welcomed our riders to enjoy a fun day out with us. The feedback we have received so far has been amazing. It was 50/50 due to the wind whether we were going to run the Whip Competition and the FMX Show but we’re so glad we did. Your images and videos have been seen on social media worldwide and we appreciate everyone taking the time to post, share and comment on everything MotoverDAY!


VIP Motocross

Being located next to a wind farm there is usually a gentle breeze at VIP, however, with 30mph gusts and heat all day, we couldn’t be any happier with how the track developed. It was fast, it was rough, and it has never seen so many pros on it at the same time. The difference in line choices and abilities really used up the whole track and it was an absolute pleasure to see everyone enjoying their riding. A huge thank you to the whole team at VIP for being so accommodating with our requests. The track itself was prepped to perfection. The marshals and track staff were excellent at keeping everyone safe and allowing the day to flow smoothly, the cafe did a great job of keeping everyone’s bellies full and topped up with fluids and boy does Rich know’s how to build a whip jump! VIP Motocross you were exceptional, and we couldn’t have done it without you, thank you!

Did you get caught on camera?

Our dedicated media company Blobfish Media knew from last year that MotoverDAY wasn’t a one-man job, so this year he brought two more staff with him and loads more cameras! We have seen some sneak peaks of what’s to come and we can tell you that we are more excited than anyone to see the edit. Harvey from Blobfish Media has been with us from the beginning of his career and we have never seen him work so hard! A huge thank you to Harvey, Nico & Oscar for capturing our day and we look forward to the coming edits!

But wait… there were more cameras in the sky too. DJI Drones brought a selection of drones that you may have noticed flying around ALL DAY! We’re not sure if they even had a break!! Huge thank you to DJI for attending at such short notice and for working so hard at capturing some truly epic content. We are looking forward to seeing your edit from the day!

DJI have also teamed up with Blobfish Media to use their footage in the MotoverDAY edit video!

Thank you also to the other media outlets that brought their cameras with them and filmed some mega content. There were simply too many to list, but we appreciate every one of you for coming and helping us capture our awesome day.


The Whip Competition!

What a spectacle! Everyone in the paddock and the office gathered to watch the country’s most stylish riders take to the revamped tabletop and the Pro jump to throw their most stylish whips. Thank you to every single rider who entered and put on a show for the crowd, you put smiles on everyone’s faces and I’m sure there will be some content coming your way! Another special thank you goes to Jeff Perrett and Luke Burton for judging the kids and adult competitions. It wouldn’t be a show if there wasn’t a crowd so well done to everyone watching for making noise and giving the riders some extra courage to throw some big shapes.

Congratulations to our winners on the day, Jack Lindsay (Pro), Harrison Greenough (Adult), Charlie Richmond (Kids). It wasn’t even about the prize money just the bragging rights to be the winner. We can’t wait to see the content of every winning whip, runner-up whips, bum whips, and EVERY Brad Todd… jump!

Between us and VIP Motocross, we think we have created something special!

OMG FMX & The Grizzle Squad

 Freestyle Motocross and wind usually do not go in the same sentence, but on MotoverDAY they did! Peter Pavlov from OMG FMX arranged to bring his airbag and ramp down weeks in advance to put on his first ever outdoor performance to a crowd. After taking the time out of his busy schedule with Planet Circus OMG, Peter said he would like The Grizzle Squad to come with him and for them to perform together for their first ever show! We’re so glad they did!

The guys from OMG FMX and The Grizzle Squad took to the skies and performed tricks for the very entertained crowd over a 60ft gap. Huge thank you to both teams for making a real show of it, nobody did believe it was your first ever performance and it certainly didn’t look like it!


MotoverDAY is here to stay!

Overall, the day was a huge success as the idea behind it was to give back to our sponsored riders and to create a fun day for everyone to enjoy. During the season with racing and training everything can become very pressured, and we quickly lose sight of why we race in the first place! We hope everyone had the best day and thank you once again to everyone who attended and everyone who helped make the day what it was.

Are you coming to MotoverDAY 2023?

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