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Why is Salt-Free so Important? SM Pro Wheels Reveals…

Why does being salt-free make a difference? Our products are designed with the bike in mind, meaning they are free from any harsh chemicals that can affect the look and performance of your expensive machine. Our Bike Wash is unlike any other bike cleaning product on the market, firstly, because it is made by us and not outsourced, and secondly, because it is free from salts, acids and alkalines, all of which cause corrosion to all metal items, which 85% of bikes are made out of!

A huge testament to our Bike Wash’s performance and most importantly, it’s safeness in comparison to other cleaning brands, to aluminium, anodising and all other sensitive metal items is the tests that have been carried out by well renowned wheel builder – SM Pro Wheels/Central Wheel Components. Dom Harding, Director at Central Wheel Components explains the testing process:

‘Here at Central Wheel Components we’ve been building and restoring motorcycle wheels for over 120 years. After developing the brand SM Pro Wheels, we were faced by a new problem – highly acidic bike cleaners attacking the anodising of our rims. We found that many of the leading bike cleaners were not suitable for anodised alloy, and so started testing to find which cleaner performed best and kept the vibrant colour of the rims.

We conducted tests behind closed doors, buying all the leading cleaners, and leaving anodised alloy in each cleaning solution for extended periods of time, followed by time exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

After this extensive testing, we found there was a stand-out cleaner on the market, and this was Pro-GreenMX Bike Wash. This was mainly because there was no damage, evidence of attack, modifications or corrosion to our anodised alloys.

We were so impressed by the performance of the product; as well as the enthusiasm from the guys at Pro-GreenMX, we got them to make us a cleaner, using the exact same formula, we call this Platinum Rinse.’

This is why we are salt-free, because we are passionate about our products and most importantly are passionate about the quality of our products that we provide to our fantastic customers. Why should you spend money on cleaning products that then actually cost you more money on damages, such as destroying your expensive alloys or even worse, corroding and breaking down your parts? Unfortunately, other companies are happy to make a ‘cheaper’ product, but in reality this is what will increase your parts budget during the season incredibly. However, hopefully you now know why being salt-free is so important and as always, we would like to thank you for your support on our journey as a brand!



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