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Independent Bike Cleaner Review by Bennetts Bike

Here at Pro-GreenMX we are passionate about our chemistry, we do not just sell cleaning products we manufacture them. Every product we produce goes through a sequence of tests to ensure we make the best!

The brand of cleaner people tend to use on their Motorcycle, Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Quad or Motocross bike generally comes down to price, sponsorship or advice because they are not sure. Not everyone has the facilities or the time to run sufficient tests, so John Millbank at Bennetts Bike has done it for you. Read the information below & click on the link for the full video!

Independent review on YouTube by Bennetts Bike Social: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NsFLPDgFqA

Bennetts Bike

“There are hundreds of products out there that you could use to clean your motorcycle with, but this test has proven that some could be extremely damaging. Whether you’re using bike-specific cleaners, car cleaners or even household products, it’s important to understand how the wrong chemicals can cause serious harm to the plastics and finishes on your bike.”

John Millbank (Bennetts Bike Social) tested 69 different cleaners in several different ways. Firstly, John soaked the materials in each of the cleaners for a period of 24 hours to test their material compatibility. The PH levels were also tested, to give you an indication on how Acidic or Alkaline a cleaner is. Many people do not realise that high alkaline cleaners can be just as damaging as highly acidic. John tests the cleaning power of every cleaner by creating mock dirt using 3 different substances, then uses each cleaner to see how effective they are.

“But there has to be a best buy …”

John Millbank “When we look at products that my whole testing shows that they were safe on these materials, that the PH values shows that they should be relatively kind to your skin and they did a decent job of cleaning … Pro-GreenMX bike wash stands out as having the potential to offer outstanding value for money when bought in bulk”.

What we have to say!

This is the second independent review our products have been involved with. SMPRO (click here to read the SMPRO blog post) & now Bennetts Bike Social, in both cases our products came out on top. The products tested by Bennetts Bike Social were:

Pro-GreenMX Bike Wash – ‘Best Buy’

Pro-GreenMX Drivetrain Cleaner – ‘Recommended Product’

Pro-GreenMX Pro Wipes – ‘Recommended Product’


We loved how thorough and fair John was during his testing process. The amount of effort put into every detail was superb, however … we still strongly advise against using washing up liquid as our research shows that it will be harmful to your pride and joy.



“Not just a cleaner … it’s personal.”


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